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A versatile, inexpensive, go anywhere, cook anything, portable, stove 

Patented design - Light and compact - Uses clean ethanol gel - Double the efficiency


Simi Stove will serve as a regular cook stove in a small kitchen

  • Cheaper than LPG

  • More reliable than electricity

  • One litre of fuel will last for at least 15 hours of cooking

  • Clean cooking - eliminating household air pollution

  • Suitable for up to a family of five

Power cut? - Use Simi Stove as a backup cooking source in the event of a blackout 

  • Store the stove and fuel until needed

  • Shelf life of fuel is two years

  • Use when your induction hob is not operable

  • Insures hot food is always available for your family

  • Clean cooking ensures it is safe to cook with your children around you

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Simi Stove Bangladesh cropped.jpg

Reduce your LPG usage and save money with Simi Stove

  • If your LPG is running low use Simi Stove for your smaller meals and make it last

  • Using Simi Stove for some of your cooking needs will reduce your monthly LPG costs

  • Simi Stove can be stored along with our Simi Cooking Gel which has a two year shelf life

  • Clean cooking means it is safe to cook with your children - no toxic fumes 

Camping or backpacking - Take our eco-friendly Simi Stove for fast hot food

  • Help reduce the climate changing emissions produced by wood fires

  • A light and compact stove that uses our clean-burning, ethanol fuel

  • 1 litre of Simi Cooking Gel fuel will last at least 15 hours

  • Clean cook Simi Stove ensures no additional pollutants enter the atmosphere

  • No more time wasted finding wood or struggling to light a fire


Simi Stove is a clean cook stove. Irrespective of how or where you use it, you can be assured that the environment is a safe and healthy one for your children and the whole family.

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