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Simi Stove is the latest iteration of our clean burning stove. It uses clean burning Simi Cooking Gel and has been designed for students, working individuals and families of five or less.

It is portable and has a small footprint and as a primary cook source it will provide for all your cooking needs. It is clean-burning, producing no soot or toxic emissions, and can be used safely inside as well as outside the home. 

With the cooking gel having a shelf life of over two years the Simi Stove is ideal as a secondary cook source. if the electricity fails or your LPG runs out unexpectedly, the stove sets up quickly and easily and you can be cooking in minutes

Our roots are in the "Clean-Cooking" Movement and every sale of our consumer stove and fuel will help maintain our efforts to provide stoves to developing countries.

Governments can distribute stoves that will cook without polluting and provide their underclass a healthy environment in which to live and their population an atmosphere free of climate changing pollutants.


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