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User Tips

Below you will find some tips on how to get the most out of your Simi Stove. 

We will also pass on any comments and suggestions we receive from other users which can be emailed using the contact form on this site. 

Improving the Cooking Time

If you feel that the stove is taking longer to boil certain foods or beverages, consider the following;


 - Make sure the fuel is genuine Simi Cooking Gel. It has been formulated specifically for the Simi Stove to             burn hotter than other fuels


 - Make sure the burner lid is screwed on tightly after adding fuel

 - Do not overfill the burner pot. Remove the lid when adding fuel and only fill the burner pot level to the rim

 - We recommend using a lid when cooking in a pot. It retains the heat and  speeds up the boiling process



Set Up Tips 

 - Using both hands, make sure the petals, when spread, are pushed against the top ring. Check that the               stove is stable before using

 - Make sure the stove is on a flat, solid surface


 - If there are times when the cooking process is going to be longer than usual, eg. a family gathering,                   additional burners are available to purchase. These can be pre-filled and ready to use should the initial               burner run out of fuel.   

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